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Community reciprocity and reinvestment have long been goals of Homeseed since we first launched in June of 2016. In addition to providing a uniquely empowering mortgage lending experience, Homeseed wanted to use its platform to support the individuals, businesses, and programs in the communities we serve. That desire remains true today and led to us creating Homeseed of Hope – an initiative to guide our community outreach efforts.

In our third outreach effort for Homeseed of Hope, we are featuring Esperanza International, a non-profit organization started by former Seattle Mariners player Dave Valle. The initial idea of Esperanza ties back to one of Dave’s experience while playing baseball in the Dominican Republic. One night, outside of the baseball stadium in Santo Domingo, Dave and his wife, Vicky, witnessed children begging and rummaging through garbage cans for food. To feed the children, Dave paid a nearby street vendor to cook up all of her remaining food for the children. Realizing these children would wake up hungry again the next morning, the experience impacted the Valles so deeply that Dave said, “We made a decision that if we were ever in a position to change it, we would do that.” Ten years later, as Dave’s professional baseball was winding down, Dave and Vicky agreed, “It’s time,” and Esperanza was created.

Esperanza’s mission is to free children and their families from poverty through their primary focus of microcredit financing. Using microcredit financing as a “hand up (not hand out)” tool, Esperanza has been able to help individuals and families “build houses, gaining knowledge to manage their enterprises and finances, and become community leaders.” As they celebrate 25 years of service, their microcredit financing has created over 100,000 jobs and opportunities for individuals and families in the Dominican Republic.

Homeseed sponsored the Esperanza International’s annual Dave Valle Charity Golf Classic this year and will be planning to participate again next year. We invite you all to learn more about this this great organization, and to donate if you have the means to in the links below:

Visit Esperanza’s Website

Learn more about Esperanza

Donate to Esperanza

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